Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pros and Cons of grad school

As of late grad school has been running my life. I have mixed feelings about this situation. In an attempt to cope with the situation here is my pro/con list for grad school from my point of view. Let's hope its cathartic.

1. The obvious educational benefits of course, meaning you will automatically be smarter than everyone else when you are finished.

2. Being able to lord your masters degree over everyone else who didn't get one. This most likely involves mentioning your thesis 1-14 times per conversation and using lots of big words that you probably only have a vague grasp of their meanings. Bringing up grad school every time you talk to a friend or meet someone new is the bare minimum requirement and you should always make your program sound much more prestigious that it really is.

3. You can continue to live off loan money which leads me to number 4...

4. Continued avoidance of a big girl/boy job, and all of the responsibilities and stress that comes with being a real live adult. You still get spring break, all of your working friends are probably jealous!

1. Newsflash, half the people who are in grad school right now are idiots, and you just might be one of them. I might be one of them.

2. Remember when everyone told you that your undergraduate GPA didn't matter? Remember how that was a lie? Well it also doesn't matter all that much if you have a masters. I mean, if you don't have 10 years of experience to go along with it you will still end up working for $35,000 a year and living in a studio with a 3x3 bathroom asking yourself; how did I get here? Is it because I'm lazy and decided to take 2 electives instead of writing a thesis?! Maybe I should get a PhD.

3. Loans=bad. Debt=bad. The economy sucks a lot, you don't want to be in any more debt than you already are. You actually have to pay that money back. Ouch.

4. It just might turn out that you want all of the responsibilities of a real job, grad school is stressful, and you're not really avoiding these things, just postponing them. Your friends may not have spring break, but they also have a steady income.

Bottom line, you don't have to be all that intelligent, you just have to be willing to do the work. So my pros and cons cancel each other out, and it becomes a simple matter of choice. Also, I'm halfway done already, so I really have no intention of not finishing. I'm two semesters away from being a genius, plus I really hate mornings and sleeping until 10 every day is just something I'm not ready to give up.


Sara said...

Love your pro con list...I'm starting a part time grad program now and am finding that it is a HUGE commitment!

I'm also working full time so right now my blog is filled with anxiety and angst!!

Melody said...

Well written article.