Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"take this moment mary jane, and be selfish"

I really don't buy into horoscopes and all that, but I have this little horoscope application on my Google homepage and this is oddly on point today:

"You may be somewhat anxious today, for you can feel the weight of your life holding things in place. This might be reassuring for some people, but too many responsibilities can stir up your fears of getting stuck somewhere you ultimately don't want to be. It's not that you are unhappy; it's just that you may need more freedom than you currently possess. Your best strategy now is to acknowledge your dreams without trying to manifest them right away."

Maybe it's the ongoing conversation I've been having with FSU about careers and school and moving places. It could be the argument and eventual agreement with mom about family business. Maybe though its the overload of work and the never ending pile of assignments and responsibilities of this semester. I've even gained a little perspective from old friends who seem to have it all together while I'm sort of floundering out here alone. Well, not totally alone, but sometimes it feels like it doesn't it? I've made progress and steps in the right direction, but I'm still stuck in a place between college and career and its making my stomach churn quite literally today.

And now, I have no more time for writing unless it involves nonprofit theory and administration. Keep your fingers crossed that loan money comes through this week. I'm tired of cereal.


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