Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Please be careful with me, Im sensitive"

"...and I'd like to stay that way. Someday we will become what we see, anyone can start a conflict, its harder yet to disregard it. I'd rather see the world from another angle."

A few tiny, yet not insignificant events, or thoughts took place recently. The realization that the family business is truly important. I hardly knew before the scope of what my mother has been trying to tell me. I am well taken care of for life if I can just make it a priority.

I have to trust and be trusted, and stop worrying that everything will always fall apart. My anxiety is creeping back into my life and all the recent changes have made it worse, but I am just so happy that it can't overcome me. So happy.


The little imperfections in a person are not imperfections at all, but tiny secret reasons to love them even more. These are cause enough to go back to bed and admire a captivating smile and the affectionate crook of an arm, such a strong one, attached to a man who can make you laugh or cry with just a look. This warm skin and slow sleeping breath in and out. Why dream at all when you can lie awake with such a person who can make you feel as though you are in the best of dreams. Why leave the safety of soft sheets and softer touch. The outside world has nothing to offer that could tempt me away from him; generous, thoughtful, captivating.


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