Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Make new friends, but keep the old

So the week started off rather slowly, but I've already decided its going to be a tough semester with a ton of projects. Classes aside.

I got back into the work I'm doing for my volunteer position and I am not understanding how one goes about getting CEU's or "continuing education credits" for a conference. This being one of my tasks to figure out, I'm at a loss and feeling somewhat stupid. Anyone know what this means and how to go about getting them? I've got to get on top of it. Miss Hughes?

I have a general feeling of happiness lately. I think it can be attributed to lots of time with FSU, a whole month off school, being in a great place with J.P. and a new appreciation for my family which up until this point I have tolerated, barely. I mean my extended family of course not my immediate, as we are closer than ever and always have been despite the epic battle between myself and mom from the ages of 10 to 20.

Also, got to have lunch with a couple long lost friends the other day which was truly exciting and I had almost forgotten how much I love and admire them. They have become such accomplished adults already and somehow maintained their kindness and innocence, an impressive feat.

I forget sometimes that I have changed a lot in the past few years so if I haven't seen someone in a long time they probably don't realize at first. I would never use the word mellow to describe myself, but comparatively speaking I have become much more so recently. In all honesty I don't remember most of the details of my high school career, surprisingly not due to drug use, but mostly because I blocked it out. I hated high school, it was cruel to me. But I deserved it because I was a heinously outspoken, overly opinionated brat, to put it nicely.

Not that I would apologize if I had the chance.

Hope this wasn't all just too boring for you. I thought I would take a break from droning on about how much I love my engineer and stop making you nauseous!


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