Monday, January 28, 2008

because you asked for it

I am drowning in nonprofit work and assignments for class. I want to crawl under a desk in the library and hide. This could be a problem because apparently hell froze over and all the apathetic idiots at our school decided to become studious. Since when is it so crowded in January? I had to fight someone for an outlet. I fought them with a dirty look and I won.

On a positive note, another birthday has come and gone and I do believe I am now officially in my mid-20's. It doesn't feel any different yet. (I still feel young compared to all these 21-year-olds getting married and popping out babies, and then subsequently getting a divorce I assume, I'm a self admitted pessimist.) Great dinner with FSU Thursday and then downtown Friday night, most of which I remember.

Also, we have decided to extend our New York trip, extend it into Boston that is; and are taking the train Sunday night from the city into Boston. Staying with one of my favorite people and visiting one of FSU's friends. I've been told that I've been there but I must have been little because I don't remember it at all. My Engineer has never even seen snow so this should be interesting. I would hope for lots of snow but then we would get a blizzard, and getting him to buy a proper coat and gloves is proving difficult already. I'm sure it will be frigid and I can't wait.

Traveling with someone can make or break a relationship I think, and I've got a lot of pressure riding on this one. Mom even gave me permission to miss her birthday. Although her crazy theories about the meaning behind the trip are far fetched enough to make me think she has totally lost it. So I think we will plan the things we really want to do each day and I will try not to think about things and just have a good time.

More when I can tear myself away from the riveting prose of nonprofit financial management, oh and after I can find an acceptable grant source, and about 3 million other to do's on the list.


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