Friday, December 7, 2007

So take this moment MaryJane and be selfish

Let's just recap the events of last night:

1. narrowly escaped a very awkward situation in which J.P. and I almost ran into FSU and friends at the movies
2. There was a drug bust in our neighborhood, which up until now I thought was a pretty nice one. (I must add that Roomie slept through sirens, megaphones, spotlights, flashing lights and lots of nosy talking neighbors) So I have now vowed not only to never sleep with her boyfriend but to also save her in case of fire or other emergency in which she would probably sleep through any type of alarm!
3. Other Roomie decided last night to stay up until 2am putting up lights on the roof like a crazy person. Crazy in the best of ways though.

It was eventful, and I have maintained a decent mood throughout. J.P. handled the whole situation gracefully and even though I'm not entirely sure he is really OK he put on an excellent front. I don't think I can be the person to help him with this one though.

Hopefully this weekend will be all kinds of wonderful and I will be sad when Monday comes again.


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