Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I've got to know for sure

We got our Christmas tree last night, and the combination of Christmas tree smell, the cold weather, and coming up with a great gift idea for FSU (which I am now rethinking actually); it felt like winter suddenly. I had a surprisingly good time and I wish it could always be like that at our house. The roommate situation is uncomfortable sometimes, OK most of the time, and I feel like I am always in the middle. But there's nothing I can do to fix it so why worry.

I officially have nothing I have to do between now and January 4th, when classes start up again. I feel relieved that I survived my first semester of grad school mostly unscathed. I almost lost my mind the last few days here but I feel pretty normal again. All of a sudden not having something to do is odd though. I have Chrismakkuh shopping to do. Need to find the perfect Hanukkah gift for Kins and Christmas gifts for Roomie and FSU, and my sister. The only person I've bought for is J.P. and that's only because he flat out told me what he wanted.

I think my accomplishment for the day will be going to the grocery store, which better happen soon because I am starving.


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