Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In need of a hobby

I didn't particularly realize how much of my day is spent talking to FSU on Google chat until he got busy at work and isn't on there. I do not want to be that girl who's life revolves around someone else. I hate that girl. Everyone does. I desperately need a hobby or at least something to occupy my time until classes start up again. I'm sure when next semester starts I will be too busy to even think, since I am taking an extra class. I've got work to do for the NPO I am volunteering for, but is that exciting? no!

I've got two upcoming chances to conquer my Christmas list, which now only consists of Roomie, my sister, and FSU. I am totally stumped on what to get FSU now any suggestions? Going shopping today or tomorrow with J.P. and then Roomie and I have shopping/dinner/movie Friday.

Speaking of which, I know we have been friends for somewhere close to 6 years, and we live together, and see some things in a similar light... but whats with the joint holiday cards? Did we form a civil union when I wasn't paying attention? I know it's convenient since we live together, but as long as its only because we live together. And it's more than one person. It will probably get better once we aren't living together. But in case anyone is assuming; we are not the same person. We are, in fact, two very different people and we don't come as a package deal. We each need our own separate attention. hah.


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