Sunday, December 16, 2007

even as your eyes are closing

There is no way to explain the feeling of being with someone really gets you. I acted like a complete and total ass last night. We were having such a good time and I had to go and ruin it with too many drinks and too much thinking and opening my mouth when I should have just enjoyed the moment.

But you know what? Maybe sometimes we have to fall apart a little to give the people who care about us a chance to show us how much they truly care. Even though I acted like an ass, and I was spiteful and mean and overall just ridiculous he didn't hurt me back and he still took care of me when we got home. This morning, as I lay there wishing I could take it all back and feeling like an idiot, I expected to get the cold shoulder, but no.

I've never felt like someone could hear how I feel and honestly understand where I am coming from until now. So how can I not be happy with someone so amazing? I may not be in the place I thought I would be in life by now, but I can't imagine not being right here right now, there's no place I'd rather, even when its hard.


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