Friday, December 21, 2007

Cause I love the way you say good morning

I wasted a perfectly good stamp.

I have discovered Ingrid Michaelson, and I can't stop listening to her album, its great and so applicable in every way to my life in its current state. Isn't it great when that happens.

Roomie left today to visit Kins. It's weird now because the townhouse is empty and lonesome. But I'm off tomorrow to go home. FSU is coming with me for a night (whoa I know) and then even more shocking I am going to stay with his family for a night on Christmas. I'm not really nervous though, oddly enough.

I will sort of be all over the place for the next week, as soon as we get back here from visiting family we are going to my cousins wedding which is a 4 hour drive and two night stay. It will be interesting to see how FSU handles the crazier side of my oh-so-crazy family. There will most likely be a lot of alcohol involved not to mention fighting and crying and laughing. Hopefully more laughing than fighting. My aunts are definitely funny. I have a feeling Il Duce (dad) and FSU will end up hanging out watching the chaos from a corner.

Now I lost my train of thought... need to go finish CD's for my sister and wrap mom's gifts. I'm off.


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