Thursday, November 15, 2007

Your girl is lovely, Hubbell

Dane Cook was hilarious last night, I loved it. It definitely cheered me up. Went home and FSU came and stayed the night. We both got a little more honest, I sort of knew before he said anything though. Anyway water under the bridge I had a great night.

Facebook is evil. Its an addiction, and like Roomie says, not a cute one like Starbucks; a really hideous laying in a gutter face down kind. I can't help myself sometimes and its torturous. On the one hand I don't care, and on the other hand you always want your ex's to date ugly girls right? It's not just me? Even though we are friends, I am not going to pretend I want him to be happy with a hot girl, only with ugly ones. Ugly nice ones. As long as they are not as intelligent as I am. Which shouldn't be hard to accomplish since I am practically a genius. I'm kidding don't worry.

I've got to stop this facebook obsession. I need a fucking hobby. Other than sex. I'm kidding again! Why would I need any other hobby? (I'm on a roll here.) This weekend has the potential to be amazing, or shiteous. I will keep you posted.

Here is a list of things I will not be partaking in over the weekend; (lets play two truths and a lie)
video games
facebook stalking
car shopping/test driving


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Anonymous said...

Love the title. Might need to go watch that movie now. Let's make plans for next week.