Wednesday, November 7, 2007

yes, that will get you laid

I've been reading a lot of [redacted] lately. here; If you haven't read it you should definately check it out, it actually makes me laugh out loud. Which makes me seem crazy sitting in my room laughing out loud to myself. I even read the archives. I don't think I have it in me to be that witty. I should send Dan a thank you card for cheering me up. That would be weird though.

No news from the doctor on those blood tests. Its comforting to know that if I had cancer or diabetes or something they would take their time letting me know.

Also I got a job. It pays nothing. So really that means I agreed to start volunteering for this environmental nonprofit. But hey, at least I will have something to do other than spend my loan money on shoes. Who needs a real job when you can just rack up enormous amounts of debt and blame it all on grad school? Too bad when I get this masters it will help me earn a big fat mediocre salary, and I will probably spend the next 20 years of my life paying off student loans.

Ok I will try to be more positive. I'm puppy sitting today. My roomates Boston Terrier. Shes adorable. So naturally having lunch with J.P. because he loves her. Although she just made a bodily sound and now it smells like really old bacon bits in here.

So, inevitably I have to mention FSU. I can't help myself. I know its tiring and all four of you that actually read this when you are bored are thinking I'm obsessing. I'm not really, its just the only interesting thing going on in my life right now. It's going extremely well, I am smitten. This is probably the first time ever the other person feels exactly the same way about me as I feel about them. The only problem is I have to fight off that crazy teenager urge to spend every waking second with him. Usually in my natural order of relationship forming, that comes right before the part where I push him away and conjure up a whole list of reasons why we can't be together. I'm hoping I don't do that this time; there's hope because I haven't done anything else according to the usual pattern.


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blonde said...

OK, first of all.. Job? CONGRATS!!!!

Second of all, I almost peed myself at work when you mentioned Mols. How is our crazy roomate doing today?