Friday, November 9, 2007

I've never wanted to be a talk show host

I know you missed me. Its been a busy couple of days. OK that's a lie, I've done pretty much nothing. Why am I awake at this hour when normal people go to work? I'm off to lunch with the ladies, being my mom and sister, and to get my hair done. I'm naturally a much dirtier shade of blond.

I am not quite sure what this weekend will bring. It's J.P.'s birthday on Sunday, which gives me a whole mix of emotions, especially since I set these new boundaries with him yesterday. It had to be done, because I need that line of friendship clearly defined. So nevertheless I will not be partaking in the festivities. Which is a relief because he's a borderline alcoholic, which just means he hasn't admitted it yet, and its always a scary show.

Then there is the distinct chance that my sister might come visit in the next few days which would be so wonderful. hint. (I think she reads this). But you never know with her, she's a fly by the seat of her pants kind of girl.

Best of all, I am taking FSU to dinner tonight. He had his thesis defense yesterday and passed, so that's definitely cause for celebration. I know you're all impressed that my non-boyfriend has a masters. I like to brag. When I was younger I thought a masters was something only my parents had. And a PhD was exclusive to my dad, who is a genius. In that crazy professor, Einstein hair, coffee stained shirt witty kind of way where he thinks in mathematical equations and tried to teach me calculus when I was in 8th grade. Much to the dismay of my mother who could see the resulting fight coming from a mile away.

That was random.

I have to go wash my hair, so it looks good for my hairstylist, so she can wash it again. It's like how you floss your teeth extra the day before you go get your teeth cleaned. Sort of pointless since they are going to do a better job and give you yet another lesson on flossing the "right way".

Before I go, Kins, I've been missing your posts. It's been since October 30th. How am I supposed to take that? Did you think you were writing that blog for yourself? No. It's because the music I hear when you put pen to paper (or in this case word processor to blog) makes me feel connected to you. Write! Don't deprive us of your talent. Also, I just want to hear about your life because it's a lot more exciting than mine.


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