Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let my love open the door

"When everything feels all over When everybody seems unkind I'll give you a four leaf clover Take all the worry out of your mind"

I love movies. My criteria for a good movie is that it has to make me laugh and cry. This isn't all that hard to do, although I don't cry nearly as easily as I used to lately. I'm a sucker for romance to, I can't help it. But not that grandiose over the top stuff. the somewhat realistic awkwardness of real romance. The Last Kiss, or Love Actually. It always gives me hope. I always say that I think maybe we (women) are conditioned to be disappointed by the men in our lives because we expect the movie romance. I'd rather be naive and believe in it though. Settling for less is too depressing!

Two of my favorite things, movies and books. There is a movie coming out of Love in the Time of Cholera, one of my favorite books. Its not an easy read, but its definitely worth it if you can get into it. I am hoping the movie comes close at least.

We had a family discussion about Thanksgiving today. My sister and I have convinced the family to invite lots of guests this year. I love having little kids around during the holidays. I always wanted to be part of a big close family, not that we don't have a huge extended family, but we've never really spent Thanksgiving together, just that drunken Christmas party every year with all the cousins. I fully plan on remedying that when I have my own family.

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and then Christmakkuh and before I know it a whole new year. I don't make resolutions though, just observations. Resolutions are a waste of time unless you make them once you've already begun the thing it is you have resolved to do. I am getting ahead of myself here. Thats a tendency of mine though, sometimes I'd rather think about the future and all the possibilities ahead instead of the here and now which can feel mundane.

Distracting myself from the very thing thats on my mind. Obviously its him. He was short with me before, and it hurt my feelings. And then, I thought to myself; you cannot let this person affect you so much already, you have to be stronger than that. But, he called back and made me smile, so here I am again being all affected.


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